Summer kicks in with Spiders, Birds and Butterflies!

We are into the very hot and lazy days of summer on the island.  Last week was exceptionally hot and very humid.  Except for a couple of cooler days this week, we are back into more of the same pattern.  Even the birds are hiding during the heat of the day, so there aren't a lot of photo ops!

This first pic below shows just how much the baby Osprey has grown.  He's been jumping around and flapping his wings, getting in shape for that first flight soon!  He still has the orange eyes, though!

Again, with the looks he gives me!!  I like this pose since it gives a sense of just how big those wings are from a different angle.

The young Yellow-Crowned Night Heron are growing up as well and will probably be flying away soon.  My neighbor and I have laughed about being empty nesters soon!

There's always a butterfly to photograph!  I especially like the checkerboard eyes!

If spiders give you the creeps, you may want to look away!!  This first one looks like it should be in a movie as an alien being!  My husband tells me he is a garden spider.  Well, ok, but he can stay in the garden!