Yellow-Crowned Night Heron and a turtle

Another super hot day on the island!  I saw a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron sitting in a tree limb that was hanging over the water in our backyard.  I took my camera outside to check him out.  Looks like he had taken a bath and was drying off.  While I was standing at the edge of the water a large Florida soft shell turtle came up to the edge scrounging for food.  I hoped he would come out of the water, but he wasn't interested.  

Hey, Lady, trying to dry off after my bath.  Do you mind?

How about if I turn my back and stomp my foot?!

You don't take hints very well, do you?

The shell on this soft shell turtle was probably 20 to 24 inches long.  Not a great picture through the water, but you can see the green stuff, which I assume is algae, on its back.

You can see its nose really well in the picture below.  They stick their nose above water like a snorkel to breathe.  

I've been trying to get a photo of one of these yellow butterflies for weeks.  They rarely stop for more than a second.  This one happened to land right in front of me.  Finally!  I can mark that off my list.