Rabbits, Turtles, Birds . . . oh my!!

I have a menagerie of different wildlife photos today.  One of my neighbors has a woodpecker nest in their tree, so I walked to their house to see if I could get some photos.  I didn't get any of the woodpecker nest, but I did see a cute little Marsh Rabbit in her yard.  

This little Florida Soft-shelled Turtle hatchling was in my driveway this morning.  I'm not sure how he got so far from the lake, but my husband put him back near the water.  The second photo gives you perspective for just how small he was!

My neighbor invited me up to her deck so that I could get some photos of the baby Osprey.  It does take after its parents with this look!!

There are just so many captions that I could put for this next photo.  Just look at those eyes and those talons!!  I would not want to tangle with this bird . . . ever!!  One possible caption . . . "You know, Lady, in just the wink of an eye, I could ruin your day!"  Feel free to leave your caption in the comments section!

I came back from taking the photo of the rabbit and heard the Common Gallinule (aka Moorhen) making its very distinctive squawk out at the lake.  It sounded like more than one squawking.  These birds do not like me coming around, so I was trying to sneak up on them.  But, they got word through the bird telegraph system that I was on my way, so they skedaddled.  I managed to get a photo of the family at a very long range.

Here's a photo I enlarged of one of the young ones.  They do not have the distinctive color and shape to their bill yet!

Once the family was safely hidden, this one below came back to squawk at me in warning.

And then there's always a lizard and a butterfly to photograph!