Pond Apple Trail bike ride

We took a bike ride through Pond Apple Trail today.  It was a great day for photo ops!  We saw many Anhinga, Common Gallinule with their babies, Mottled Ducks and babies, a gator, a turtle, and the Juvenile Black-Crowned night Heron below.  Our friend, Hugh, will correct me if I'm wrong on that identification, though!  It was bigger than I would have thought.  When it first flew to this branch, I thought it was a young Limpkin, but then realized that the beak wasn't long enough.

The light was really harsh and I couldn't get a good clear shot of the little Common Gallinule family, but I grabbed this snapshot of the parents and five little babies.

Bet you can't look at this next picture and not say, "Awwwww!"

This turtle never got into a position for a good photo.  His shell was probably about 12 inches across.

This small gator kept an eye on us.

This female Anhinga perched on a branch right over our heads so we could get some photos.

I usually have a hard time getting photos of a cardinal.  They just won't sit still for me.  This one was very accommodating, though!

I believe this is a Great Crested Flycatcher.

The Anhinga is still taking care of the nest in the tree behind our home.  Hoping for babies soon!