Eagles, Owls, and Kites . . . oh my!

This morning, we saw a Bald Eagle land in a tree on the island.  Through my long lens, I realized that the eagle was sitting in a large nest!  There was a juvenile eagle flying nearby, so maybe the juvenile came from that nest?  Now that I know where the nest is, we'll keep an eye on it for future photo ops!  The tree is quite a distance away, so the photos aren't as good as they could be.

I got a quick snapshot as he flew away.

A couple of Swallow-Tailed Kites were soaring around above our house.  This one had nesting material.  We are seeing a lot of these beautiful birds in our neighborhood this year.

A big thank you to my neighbor who told me about the pretty little Eastern Screech Owl in the nesting box in his yard.  She doesn't seem to be shy at all.

She gave me a little wink!

If I close my eyes, maybe you'll move along!

It's time for the Frangipanni plants start to blooming!  Yay!

The trunk of this old bottle brush plant was broken off just above the ground during Hurricane Irma.  Now, a short 6 months later, it has green leaves/stems growing and one flower blooming.