Black-Necked Stilt babies and much more!

So many birds to photograph!  We started out the morning seeing two eagles in a nest on Sanibel just as the sky was getting light, then on to the Bailey Tract where we saw many birds, including a Black-Necked Stilt and her 3 babies.  We saw several other birds, including one of my favorites, the Roseate Spoonbill.  Now, who doesn't love seeing a big pink bird fly over your head?!  While we were there, a very nice lady walked over to talk and asked if I were Beverly.  She was from Wisconsin and visiting the island.  She was so complimentary of my photos and it was great to hear from one of the 41 people who follow my blog and also isn't one of my family, close friends, or neighbors!!

This momma and her 3 babies were the hit of the photographers and birders this morning.  Look closely and you'll see an extra pair of legs under the momma.  The other two babies were a little more bold and exploring.  I missed getting a photo of all three babies with their mom.

After a while, the little one came out from hiding under momma's skirts.  They certainly look different when young!

They are so adorable, though!!

This Black-Necked Stilt was being a bully on the other side of the pond.  He made his presence known to all the others!

He came around behind this Ibis and bullied him to fly.  Look at the Tri-Colored Heron's reaction!  His hair stood on end!

Sometimes, you just have to shake it off!

A quick drive through Ding didn't produce many photos.  I did get this one of either a Little Blue Heron in its white phase or maybe a Reddish Egret in its white phase.  It just seemed a bit big to be a Little Blue Heron.  I'm sure our friend, Hugh, will tell me in the comments section!

Just as the sky was getting light this morning, we saw an eagle in this nest on Sanibel.  There is no way to get close to the nest, so the pics are grainy.  Even with the long lens, all I can do is crop in as close as I can.  It's still exciting to see a Bald Eagle.

The sun started coming up and we changed our vantage point.  I snapped this photo without realizing there were two eagles in the nest.  I apologize for the quality of the photos.

I love the broad-chested bad-ass look!

And then we saw this Swallow-Tailed Kite in the early morning light.

The moon was so bright and pretty this morning just before the sun came up!

I can only imagine that you are tired of scrolling through my photos right about now.  But, I have some photos from a fews days ago to share, if you want to keep going.  My apologies for so many photos!

My neighbor let me take pics from her deck of the Osprey babies feeding.  Look at those two mouths, wide open and waiting for food!

Hmmm, looks like he was expecting a bigger bite!

Now it's time for some "wingersizing"!

Talk about a chip off the old block . . . those eyes!!

The butterflies and bees are super busy on all the blooms right now!