Snook kind of day!

Our morning beach walk yielded a really nice unbroken sand dollar and an Egret, and also we watched a fisherman reel in a 35 inch Snook and release it.  We had just been talking about how we haven't seen anyone catch a fish from the beach in a while, when we looked up to see this fisherman reeling in a nice one!

Walking from the beach to our car, we saw this big Marsh Rabbit below.  This probably is not a popular thing to say, but I think that with the little ears, it looks more like a big rat than a rabbit!

The moon caught my eye as we walked on the beach this morning.

Back home to get some photos of more birds!  Baby Osprey isn't so much a baby now!

Mama Osprey was sitting in a nearby tree until she saw me.  Then, she quickly came to protect her baby.

With all the Ibis in our yard all the time, I feel like I have chickens without the benefit of the eggs!