Stay at home day!

Some days, you can just stay home and get all the photos you need, at least at my house!  Our yard is pretty much a zoo most days.  I was taking pics of the baby ducks when my neighbor noticed an eastern screech owl in their bird box.  Just a few days before a woodpecker was inside this box tossing out 4 eggs on the ground.  

There were 4 little baby ducks following Mom around.  I couldn't get a good photo of all of them because the mom was herding them to safety!  They were adorable, though.

The two baby osprey (orange eyes) are getting big.  It won't be long before they will be testing those wings and leaving the nest!

The next photo is just to show the yellow-crowned night heron sitting on a nest on the upper right tree limb and the anhinga on a nest on the limb underneath.  Both limbs are hanging out over the lake behind our house.

I took this photo of the two woodpeckers from my back door.

There were 2 Ibis in our tree, but I could only get a good photo of one them.  It seems to be posing and smiling in the morning sun!