Baby Osprey!

My neighbor called me this morning and told me that the baby osprey was big enough to see from the ground, so I hurried out with my camera to catch some shots.  The female Osprey was just arriving with a fish.  There was a crow that decided he wanted to dive bomb the Osprey nest.  The Osprey with the fish decided to leave the nest and distract the  crow.  I caught a couple of those photos.  She came back and landed on the perch, then the male left to lead the crow away.  It was quite an experience to be in the middle of that cacophony.  As you can see from some of these pics, they were keeping a wary eye on me, too!

This is when the female had the fish and was keeping an eye on me.  Yikes!!  The baby's eyes seem to be brown instead of the bright yellow of the adult.

The baby Osprey learned from Mom and Dad to keep an eye on me!

Here's the female with the fish in battle with the crow.

She thought she was winning and then flew back to the perch.

My fish!  My nest!  My baby!  Scram!

The baby ducks are growing!

I didn't realize that the Mommy duck was watching from a distance, until I pulled back on my zoom.

Daddy duck was swimming nearby, keeping an eye on me, too!

The next photos were taken a few days ago at the Bailey Tract trail.  

We were riding our bikes along the Bailey Tract trail and this guy was swimming by.

He made sure he kept an eye on us until we moved along.

This Cormorant was taking a break on a limb above the water.

Cattails remind me of growing up in Louisiana.