Birds and Crabs!

There were plenty of Yellow-Crowned Night Herons at Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge today.  We saw a couple of Reddish Egrets, an Osprey taking a bath, Blue Crabs mating, and Mangrove Tree Crabs.

Reddish Egret posing for me.

This Reddish Egret was on the hunt for some food.

This photo below may resemble modern art, but it is actually two Blue Crabs that are mating at the edge of the water.  They were snapped up in a net just a couple of seconds later by fishermen.

Hey, Lady . . . trying to take a bath here!

Mangrove Tree Crabs aren't very pretty, but they are food for many species of birds.

Only the last two Yellow-Crowned Night Herons below are the same bird.  We saw a lot of them today.