Birds and Dolphins

It was a quiet, beautiful day at the beach.  There were dolphins playing very near the shore and lots of birds to photograph.  The osprey below surprised me when it flew so close overhead that I almost couldn't focus on it.  He had a nice catch!

Below is a protected sea turtle nest on the beach.  The sea turtle comes out of the water onto the beach, digs a hole, deposits 80 to 120 eggs in the sand, covers them up and goes back into the water.  Two months later, the baby sea turtles will hatch at the same time, dig out of the sand and find their way to the water.  Many of these nests will show up over the next few weeks/months.

Very bright and oddly shaped sponge on the beach.

This sea gull flew in and landed right in front of us, then posed for a quick pic.

While not wildlife, the guy below was doing some funny moves while snorkeling for shells!

The Sanibel Thriller (below) also isn't wildlife, but it is definitely a "wild ride" and a must-do when visiting the island.  The Sanibel Thriller is a 55 ft. super catamaran with twin 440 hp engines.  Depending on weather, the ride circles the island and is a great way to see dolphins.  

And then home to this creature waiting at our front door!