Lazy Sunny Day

Southwest Florida feels like summertime these days.  Today was a bright sunny day, so I took a few photos around the yard . . . again!

She's still running from her suitors!

I had to chase this Pileated Woodpecker down and still had to take this from quite a distance away.  They are either very cautious or just camera shy!

So this was a new one for me.  Below is an Eyed Click Beetle.  The false eyes are supposed to frighten away predators, I guess.  The lizards were circling him on the screen, but he was far bigger than they were.

There were two Common Gallinules on the lake today.  They are camera shy, too!  The sun was so bright and I didn't have time to adjust my camera settings because they were booking out.  They seem to be making a nest, so maybe I'll get more chances at a better photo.