Birds, Butterflies and Bees

More photos of the birds and wildlife around our yard!  This Common Gallinule just really doesn't like me and takes off when it sees me, complaining the whole time.  I got a slightly closer picture, though.

Now watch me whip . . .

Now watch me nae nae . . . 

(Bet you sang that in your head while you read it!)

Good morning!

I read that the Swallow-Tailed Kite has a wingspan of 3.7 to 4.5 ft.  I never realized how big they are because they usually fly fairly high in the sky, like this one.  Recently, one flew directly overhead (of course I didn't have my camera) and I got a better look at how big they are!  They are just the coolest birds with the way they glide and swoop around.  Maybe I'll get a photo of one flying lower soon!

Ouch!  Something took a bite out of this butterfly!

It's a never-ending job, but someone has to feed your honey addiction!