Sunday Morning at the Beach

The weather was perfect to take a walk on the beach this morning.  The birds were plentiful, as they always are this time of year!  I tend to forget how a walk on the beach pulls the work stress right out of me and I come back home with a lighter, more peaceful feeling.

If I close my eyes and can't see her, then she can't see me!!  (Is she gone yet?)

This Cormorant below seemed to be taking a sand bath, then hopped into the water to wash it off.

I'm always fascinated watching the pelicans as they nosedive into the water.  It amazes me how hard the hit the water and catch a fish at the same time.

This guy had just swallowed a fish and couldn't look more pleased!

I took a quick photo before we had to put this live Lightning Whelk back in the water.  Maybe another day!

We don't find a lot of sand dollars that make it to the shore in one piece, so it's always exciting to find one.  They are so delicate and get broken in the surf most times.  

Took the photo below of my hawk buddy yesterday at a tree a bit farther away with the early morning sun at his back.