High flying birds!

It's so cool to walk out onto the back deck, look up and see a Bald Eagle, an Anhinga, and an Osprey.  All were just lazily circling around each other.  That will change as soon as nests are built and they become much more territorial!  They were up quite high, so the photos aren't clear, but wanted to share.  It's so exciting to see the birds coming back!

The Eagle and Osprey made it into the same photo.

This female Anhinga appears to have material for her nest, but it looks as if it has fish line on it.  That is not a good thing because she or her babies could get body parts wrapped up in it and/or choke on it.

I can't pass up a pic of my hawk buddy sitting in a tree. 

The woodpecker was in the top of the tree over the hawk's head.