So many birds, so little time . . .

Today was a great day for seeing many types of birds.  I'm always a bit intimidated by the photographers with the really huge lens on their camera.  I would love to see the pics they came out with!  But, it is still fun to try and capture what I am lucky enough to see!

I'll start with a bird that I have not previously photographed.  The Black-Necked Stilt was fun to watch.  There were a couple pair of them to watch at the Bailey Tract today.  It's not until you see them standing on land that you realize just how long their stilt legs are!

This photo below is a Black-Necked Stilt in flight.

It was exciting to see a Roseate Spoonbill come in a for a landing very close to me.  He's checking out just where he wants to land.

This is probably the closest I've been to a Roseate Spoonbill.  As a result, I took FAR too many photos of it!

The Egret below didn't want to play nice with anyone today!

Thank you to the photographer who called out, "Watch out for the snake!"  I believe this is a Florida Water Snake and I'm very glad it was not a water moccasin!  It was still big and still a snake!!

And then back at home to see more birds and a different kind of snake!  The Yellow-Crowned Night Herons below seem to be happily nesting in a tree behind our house.

My neighbor said there are two babies in the Osprey nest behind their house.  I haven't gotten to see them yet, but it will be fun to watch them grow and peek over the side with their orange eyes!  Meanwhile, the parents keep close watch and run off a Bald Eagle almost every day.

This Yellow Rat Snake below was about 4 ft. long and slithering across our driveway.

After living in New Mexico, it seems odd to have a thornless cactus growing and blooming in my yard!  I had no idea cactus grew in Florida.