Osprey nest update

My neighbor called to say that she could see two osprey babies in the nest and invited me over to stand on her upper deck so that I could see them better than from the ground.  Of course, when I got there, they scrunched down so that I couldn't get a good pic.  A couple of days prior, I'd gone over to get some photos from ground level.  When the dad saw me, he ruffled up his feathers and dove off the nest, seemingly right for me!!  Yikes!  Like a good soldier, I just kept snapping photos and he swerved up into the sky instead.  Whew!

This first photo is mom and dad on the nest with the babies out of sight.  The dad decided that I was an intruder!  You can see that look in his eyes (he is on the left).

Then, he started toward me!

The one below was from the neighbor's deck and shows the mom (yellow eyes) scrunched down.  You can see one of the babies and just the hint of the other baby's head to the right.  Not a good photo, but you get the gist.  As they get a little older, maybe I can catch some better pics of them.

And here comes dad to see if he needs to make sure the nest doesn't need to be defended, yet again!

While standing on my neighbor's deck, we could just barely see the head of an owl in the nesting box!

The moss covered turtle doesn't think much of me taking his photo either.  A face only his mother could love!

A Pileated Woodpecker landed in the tree right in front of me, almost too close for my long lens to focus!  These guys are pretty shy and usually make it hard for me to get photos.