Morning at the beach!

We had a nice walk on the beach this morning.  It was so good to be outside since I seem to be on the down side of whatever cold/flu that I had.  We saw hundreds of live Florida Fighting Conch rolling in the surf today.  I learned that they have eyes . . . who knew?  I realize it makes sense, but I'd never seen their eyes.  You can see them in some of these pics.  Then, on the way home, I spied a HUGE beehive on the side of a condo.  It was around 3 or 4 feet long.  

First time I realized they had eyes!

Just giving us a wave hello!

Again, checking us out!

Lots and lots of these Florida Fighting Conch today

Sanibel's finest checking to make sure these guys had their fishing license!

Only came away with a few shells today.  Everything else had live critters in it!

Took the pic on the left to give perspective of the size of this hive.  If you click on the pic on the right and zoom in, you can see the honeycomb behind all the bees.