Thanksgiving pics from Sanibel

It was a beautiful Thanksgiving day on Sanibel Island today, but quite windy!  With the full moon, comes low tides, so we spent some time at the refuge.  We were lucky to see a huge flock of White Pelican fly overhead.  And I finally got a couple of pics of Wood Storks, albeit from quite a distance.  The gator was sunning himself on the bank, again.

Reddish Egret taking a break

Loved seeing this big flock of White Pelican!

Move over . . . no you move over . . . no you!!

And then there is this conundrum . . . what is the green thing on the pelican's wing at the top right?

Here's another pic of the green thing.  It may be some sort of fishing lure?

This pic of a Wood Stork and the photo of the pair below were taken from almost too far away.  This is the first time I've been this close to get a pic of one, though.

Osprey trying to make his way through very strong winds.

Yeah, this guy isn't too pretty, but I figured a picture of a Turkey Vulture was fitting for Thanksgiving!

This guy looks fat and happy just soaking up the sun!