Sunday morning walk on the beach!

It was a beautiful morning for a walk on the beach.  We saw a few birds and got a look at the beach erosion which has gotten surprisingly worse recently.  I have a photo from today and from a year ago to compare.

This Yellow-Crowned Night Heron surprised me when he flew by!

There's almost always an opportunity to get an Osprey photo at the beach since they are usually out fishing!

Bad hair days are the worst, right?

Almost didn't see this little guy.  He was all covered in sand.

I've never seen the drop from the erosion be quite this steep during my time on Sanibel!

The first photo below was today.  The next photo was about a year ago when our grandson was visiting.  Taken in almost the same spot, the difference is striking!

And then back to where we left our shoes and beach bag to see a crow rummaging for shiny objects!