Large spider webs

On my bike ride this morning, I found so many of these large spider webs that had been woven between the power lines.  There were tons of them and all the spiders appeared to be the same type.  The webs were all several feet across.  Also, if you go to the Wildlife Cam tab and scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see that the Bobcat passed by the camera a couple of days ago.  That was his first appearance since April.

Sunday morning at the beach is always so peaceful . . . well, I guess any day at the beach fits that description!

A parade of Brown Pelicans flew by.

Beach erosion protection

As we walk down the path to the beach, this view below never fails to cause me to stop and appreciate it.  I am reminded that we are very lucky for whatever time we get to live on the island.

Clouds, birds, boats, turtle nests, and more . . . ahhhh!