Trip through the refuge . . . finally!

Between vacation and working, I've missed so many good days of driving through the refuge.  We finally took a quick trip through Ding Darling this morning.  There's always something to see!  At our first stop, this hawk flew right into a tree beside me, then over to a sign post, and then onto the ground to grab a lizard snack!  

The Reddish Egret below was taking a rest from fishing.

You have to keep your eyes on the lookout up to the sky as well, or you'll miss some pics!

          This photo isn't cropped.  The white pelican was almost on top of me!

I think the caption for the photo below could be, "Huh, well would you look at that!"

Everyone is always so excited about the white pelicans, so this brown pelican wasn't getting any love!

And then there was this grumpy Great Blue Heron!

Crab snack!!

We almost missed these two Anhingas.  The first one had his wings spread out to dry and was almost hidden in the tree.

And right before leaving the refuge we saw this pretty little juvenile Yellow-Crowned Night Heron.