The Gator is still around!

The gator that crossed in front of the wildlife cam is probably the same one hanging around the water behind our house now.  I have to assume that he is waiting to grab one of the many ducks that also inhabit that area!  The last pic at the bottom of the wildlife cam page shows him watching the embankment where they hang out all day.

He's quite gnarly looking!

At the same time I was taking the photos of the gator, this little Common Gallinule was swimming around not far from the gator.

The next two pics are of two hawks in the tree across the street.  I don't usually see two hawks landing there together.  They caught sight of me and headed out, though!  

The juvenile Bald Eagle below was hovering around the Osprey nest until they chased him away!

As the sun sets on another day, one of the young Osprey is exercising his wings.  The parents are trying to entice them to venture out.