Common Gallinule (aka Moorhen) Nest!

Our neighbor pointed out a Moorhen nest in a tree just over the water in their backyard.  While my son and I were taking photos of it, the big gator was keeping an eye on us from nearby.  We are keeping fingers crossed that the eggs hatch and the young moorhens make it without being devoured by the gator.

She is sitting on 3 very pretty little eggs and proud of it!

This Little Green Heron seemed to have a big interest in the eggs as well.  Many predators are watching the progress it seems!

Yeah, you may think you are hidden, but we see you!!!

I zoomed in on the photo from above and put an arrow pointing to my reflection in the gator's eye.  You can see the outline of the roof from my neighbors house, too.  He definitely has me in his sights!