Majestic Eagle Overload

My blog is about the wildlife on Sanibel Island.  However, today we drove to North Fort Myers to see a famous eagle nest.  Dick Pritchett Real Estate has some pasture land near their office that happens to have a tree with an eagle nest in it.  You can watch the live web cams at  Harriet should be settling in to lay her egg(s) soon.  When we arrived, I could not see any eagles anywhere and thought the 45 minute drive was going to be for nothing.  But, thanks to the nice couple who pointed out that I needed to walk a little farther down the road for a better angle to see one of the eagles guarding the nest.  I took a few pictures, then the other eagle came flying in.  Right after that, the first eagle took off with some sort of food and flew to a nearby tree to eat.  All in all, I took around 190 photos!  Yikes!  Thank goodness for digital cameras!

This one below was sitting in the tree.  The one that flew in did not have any food.  I was busy taking photos of the one that flew in, when suddenly the one below flew out with something that was half eaten.  It looks like a fish, but the eagle was having a hard time eating it because it was so tough.  I guess it could have been a fish with a really tough skin?  However, that sort of looks like a leg hanging down?  

Landing in the tree!!

I'll just go ahead and apologize for so many photos of this eagle.  I was near enough with my longer lens that I managed some fairly closeup pics!

And then there's that moment when an eagle turns his gaze on you and you aren't sure whether to swallow hard and keep clicking away or run!!

And last, but not least, this pretty little egret walking through the grass under the tree with the nest.