Little Iguana

This little guy was hanging out in the backyard, watching my husband mow the yard.   This iguana was only a couple of feet long. 

The big gator came around for another visit.  The space between his nose and his eyes is at least 10 inches, making him about 10 ft. long.  He looks just as fierce as he did previously!  Keeping my distance!

These branches extend out over the lake, so I cannot get any closer, but I would love to get better photos of these babies.  The Yellow-Crowned Nigh Heron babies are outgrowing their nest very fast!  The Anhinga nest underneath is being tended by one of the parents (bottom left).  I see only one Anhinga baby head, but lots of white fluff.  Not sure if that is one or two babies.

Woodpeckers love to get into the metal gutters and hammer away!  It can be startling when you're asleep inside near that gutter!

These little marsh hares were enjoying the grass since we've had so much rain!  They are so different from the long eared rabbits that I'm more used to seeing where I grew up.  These almost have mouse ears!

I do love a colorful hibiscus!

This is the unusual bark of the Gumbo Limbo tree, which our neighborhood is named after.