Why did the Iguana cross the road?

I was on a long business call last week, when my husband saw this Green Iguana crossing the street in front of our home.  Even though it took him a couple of minutes to figure out how to even turn on my camera, he was able to get a good photo of the iguana!  If you look close, it appears that something took a swipe at the iguana's tail.  Might need a band-aid on that!  Also, take a look at the Wildlife Cam tab at the top of the page, and scroll to the bottom.  I added 4 pics this morning.  In one,  you will see a large gator waiting for a meal to come a little closer.  In another, there is a Green Heron on a limb.  That's the first Green Heron I've caught on that wildlife camera.

We've had so many clouds and so much rain, that I almost missed the full moon last week.  I was up early one morning, just as the sky was lightening up, and caught this pic below.  I didn't take the time to put the camera on a tripod, so the photo is not very clear, but the early morning clouds made it interesting.