Hawk, Eagle, and more!

We've had a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend on the island.  We had a nice walk on the beach yesterday with our granddaughter and her boyfriend.  Such a beautiful time of year here. 

I think I have a new hawk buddy this morning.  This one wasn't as camera shy! 

These shells weren't perfect, but they were definitely keepers!!

We must be on the flight path for this bald eagle, since seeing him is almost a daily occurrence now!  

The tree below is a Strangler Fig that is growing in our front yard.  I am fascinated with these trees.  The seeds are sticky and will attach to a "host" tree where it begins to grow and entwine around the tree and its roots until it strangles the host tree.  The host tree eventually dies and the strangler fig takes advantage of the nutrients from the dead tree, leaving a hollow trunk where the host had been.  It is an important part of the ecosystem in Florida.  There are many on the island.