Foggy morning turned into beautiful day!

We started out at the Bailey Tract on a foggy morning.  It didn't take long for the sun to burn through.  The fog made for some interesting photos, though!  Many of the birds are decked out in their mating plumage.  The Anhinga below has the beautiful turquoise blue ring around her eyes.

This marsh hare was fairly far away.  It was so big that we did not think it was a rabbit until I zoomed in on the pic.

The fog over the little pond was almost haunting looking.

We saw a lot of marsh hares with their tiny little ears!

I love the concept of "If I close my eyes and get very still, then you can't see me"!

The sun finally started coming through.

I believe this is a Little Blue Heron in the white phase.

Ospreys always look so mad at me!!

We swung by the beach to pick up shells and find more birds!

The Gulf was so calm this morning.  This fisherman appeared so peaceful out in the calm water.

The next photos were from a couple of days ago in our back yard.

The osprey appear to be nesting and guarding their nest in my neighbor's backyard!

These two little squirrels were running around like crazy and playing all over the yard.  I'm amazed I caught any photos of them.