Baby Ducks and an Elephant!

My neighbor called me a few days ago to tell me that there were at least 8 baby ducks at the lake edge behind our home.  There were so many baby ducks moving so fast that I couldn't count them!  The adult ducks didn't want me near the babies and herded them away.  I grabbed just a couple of pics, such as they are.  The babies were so cute!

Several days ago, I was riding my bike around the neighborhood and I stopped to talk to some neighbors.  They were complimenting my photo blog and the guy said, "But, I don't understand why you have pictures of elephants and lions on your Sanibel blog!"  I explained that he was looking at a different blog with a similar name and that person had pics of Sanibel and other pics from safari trips that he takes.  We had a good laugh and I went on my way.  Then, what should I see in the yard of a home just a few houses down from mine a couple of days later?  Yep, an elephant!  I don't know why it is there, but there it is, a life sized replica!  There is a mountain lion (aka Florida Panther) rumored to live on the island, so maybe he will turn up on my wildlife cam one day!