Taking new friends through Ding Darling

We spent some time today with a wonderful couple who are on vacation in SW Florida.  They are friends of some very good friends of ours in California.  The tide wasn't very low today, but good enough to get a few photos.  They even got a chance to see the gator at the end of the trip.  They can check that one off their list now!

Reddish Egret doing his dance!

I usually get a photo of the underside of the Osprey wings, so seeing them from the topside is different!

One of my quests has been to get a photo of a fish jumping out of the water at Ding.  I finally managed to get one.  The first pic below shows how far away I was (this is even with my long lens).  The second pic is just a section of the same photo blown up.  Yes, it is blurry, but you can see just how far out of the water that fish was jumping!!