My cat was sitting on my desk early this morning, very focused on something outside the window. I looked out the window and two ducks were in the driveway, standing very still. I thought that was odd since they constantly waddle around. Suddenly, a coyote came running around the side of the house and the ducks scattered and flew. He trotted on across the street into the woods. But, then another one came around the house not in any particular hurry. I ran downstairs, grabbed my camera, and opened the front door. He turned and looked at me just before going into the woods. And, oh, what a look!!

In the same vein with pictures that are just snapshots and not great photos, a couple of days ago there were 10 swallow-tailed kites hovering overhead.  I'd never seen that many at once.  They were too high up to get good photos, though.  I love watching these birds soar around.

I was able to get 7 of them in this one pic (just to prove I really saw them!)  

This bobcat came through the back yard last night and the wildlife cam caught him.  My yard seems to be the Sanibel Zoo!