Corn Snake!

My husband was cutting palm fronds from a tall tree in our yard and he saw something at the top of the pole saw.  He brought the pole down and realized that a snake was wrapped around the pole.  He came to tell me to get my camera and come outside to see if it would still be around.  It was slithering around in the grass, so I took some pictures as it was moving along.  My "ever-so-helpful" husband got in its way to get it to slow down so I could get better photos.  I noticed it gathering itself, so I took a quick picture.  However, the photo I missed was the snake striking at my husband's leg!  He saw that it was gathering itself to strike and moved out of the way.  They are not poisonous, but a bite would still hurt!  Then, it went along its way into another tree to find some lizards and mice to eat!

I will throw in a butterfly pic that I took when coming back to the house, just to balance off the scary snake pics!