I warned you about all the Osprey photos I'd be posting since our neighbors have an Osprey nest in their backyard!  On my walk-about today, I found a couple of other photos to take in addition to new Osprey pics.

This first pic is how I feel at the end of the day . . . head drooping, feet dragging, and just need to finish the job so I can be done.

If I could speak Osprey, I think he was probably telling me to go away!!

You, again??

My husband informed me that this is a stink bug.  Dang, I was so sure it was an exotic bug of some sort!  Look at the back legs!  They look like leaves in the middle!

Sometimes I just have to share pics that aren't necessarily great photos.  I saw this bird at the top of a tree that is pretty far away.  With just my eyes, I thought it was a red-shouldered hawk.  Even through the long lens, I still thought it was.  But, when I pulled the picture off my camera and zoomed in, it is an American Kestrel.  The colors and markings are so cool.  I wish I could have been closer to it!