Birds and the Bees

A visit by the eagle is getting to be a daily occurrence.  He was escorted (aka attacked) by an Osprey, a Swallow-Tailed Kite, and what I think was a crow for his intrusion efforts today.  By the time I grabbed my camera and focused in on the Eagle, he had moved higher in the sky.  So, not great pics, but entertaining.

The Swalow-Tailed Kite took his turn after the Osprey chased him.  I missed getting the Osprey pic, though.  

Ok.  Whew!  Got away from the Swallow-Tailed Kite.  

And then the crow (I think that's what this is) just kept attacking!

His wing feathers seem a little worse for the wear.  I'm thinking he's a bully and this was just another little fun bully trip for him.

And then there is this . . . a swarm of bees on the ground!  This was in the grass down the street from our home.  They were swarming like crazy.  I have no idea if bees actually build some sort of nest in the ground, but a neighbor said they had been there for at least a day.  It was next to the mailbox.  I wouldn't want to be delivering mail today!