They're back!!

I'd heard that the white pelicans were starting to return to the island for the winter.  It's so much fun to look up at the sky in your backyard and see a big flock of white pelicans soaring around on the wind, moving as one, so gracefully.  They were fairly high up, so the photos aren't great, but the white pelicans, along with a female anhinga, an osprey with a fish in its claws, and absolutely beautiful weather relayed the message that there are lots of photos in my future over the next few months! 

When I see a female anhinga flying very high, my first thought is that it is an eagle.  The light color on her neck looks like it could be the white head of an eagle, especially at a distance.  On closer look, it is obvious that it's not an eagle, but the anhinga is still a beautiful bird.

The osprey below caught my attention because he was squawking at the anhinga as if telling her that she would have to find her own fish.