September 2015

I thought I would take a walk around the yard before dark this evening to see if I could find any Sanibel wildlife.  This was definitely NOT what I was hoping to find!  Although, these snakes are harmless, I still do not like snakes!!

Got a lesson in the birds and bees this morning when I went out by the lake behind my house.  Well, a lesson in birds, anyway.  I was a little too far away to get better pics.  I keep hinting at a longer lens for Christmas!

This duck was just having a nice, peaceful morning!

And then along came this lucky duck!  (Click on photos to enlarge)


Having a 3 foot tall bird walk through your backyard never gets old!  I especially like it when he catches a snake (or whatever he has) and takes it away to devour.  (The wildlife cam may not take a great quality pic, but it grabs photos that I would never be able to capture.)

And then there's this . . . a bobcat strolling through our backyard on his rounds!

We had the beach pretty much to ourselves today.  Well, we shared with the birds!

Just thought this lizard was unique enough to take a picture of him.  He just wished I would move along.

Finally, some sunshine!  This Anhinga was hanging out by the lake behind our house this afternoon, letting his wings soak up the rays.

Southwest Florida is currently being soaked by a tropical disturbance.  We are on our third day of almost constant rain, sometimes hard rain, but pretty much steady all day.  My rain gauge shows 7.40" of rain over the last two days.  The sun peeked through for just a few minutes yesterday and my wildlife cam caught this squirrel.